My name is Brooke Lawrence, I recently turned 21, and I should be featured on Worst Cooks in America. My dad is the manager of a kitchen in Alaska. I, on the other hand, have no culinary skills. It would seem clear that culinary skills are not hereditary because my mom can also cook (when she feels like it). I can sometimes bake boxed cupcakes, but the messy decorating is more fun to me. My boyfriend and I specialize in Kraft Mac & Cheese, and this is about as far as my foot steps into the kitchen.

Over the summer, I worked with my dad in the kitchen at the Alaska Native Medical Center. My job consisted of chopping several bunches of cilantro every morning. I worked in the cafeteria at a taco station and had to do prep work to make salsas. I can also fry tortilla chips and fry bread. I didn’t do much cooking.

This blog is meant to document my time in the kitchen as I attempt to find my culinary gene. I expect that there will be a lot of frustration and ten times as many messes. So pick up a whisk, or something, and join me.