Kraft vs. Homemade

I have made it clear that I do not know how to cook. I also don’t have the patience for it, and my boyfriend’s apartment doesn’t have the kitchen for it. So we tend to eat a lot of boxed mac and cheese. But I ready to make the perfect homemade mac and cheese and eliminate Kraft from our menu.

I dragged Andre out of the house so we could buy ingredients, and let me just say, do not bring your boyfriend grocery shopping. At one point, I turned around to a cart full of lettuce. But back to the mac.

Being a college student, my wallet can only afford trips to Aldi. The recipe that I vaguely followed called for mustard powder, which apparently doesn’t fit into my Aldi budget, as it didn’t exist in the store. So I kept telling Andre that we needed something special for the dish, so I picked up a can of tomatoes. But of course, Andre hates tomatoes, so they would have to be added to my plate separately.

So these were the ingredients that I ended up with:


Note the boyfriend eating the cheese, the milk that’s already been drunk, and the open macaroni box. Yes, he ate raw pasta while I was cooking.

I followed the steps with the recipe, but avoided measuring things out of rebellion for the rules. So another tip: don’t let your boyfriend tell you how much pasta to make. You will end up with double what you can eat. But this is okay, the leftovers heat up well.


Overall, we avoided too many disasters, but the biggest thing we did was manage to burn our milk and flour mixture. When making your sauce, turn down the heat on the stove. I also forgot to add in the tomatoes because I was worried about getting the cheese sauce right. Dinner was good, but took a lot longer than Kraft. I don’t think we will stop buying boxed mac and cheese.


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