Midnight Snacks

Remember that oatmeal post?

Yeah, I don’t like oatmeal. But like many other things that I don’t like (tea, yogurt, fish, etc.), I like to occasionally try oatmeal just to make sure I still don’t like it.

So I gave oatmeal a try. Again. Cooked this time.

I’m sure several of you enjoy late-night snacks, but my roommates like to pick on me for making midnight (or later) pasta. Sometimes I just don’t have time for regularly scheduled meals.

So this night was one of those time where I didn’t eat dinner like a normal person. So midnight came around and I wanted something warm. I didn’t feel like waiting for water to boil and noodles to cook. I remembered the box of oatmeal under my bed.

This time, rather than picking the worst flavor, I picked what I thought would be the best: Apples & Cinnamon. The smell gives me memories of my mom’s occasional breakfasts while she was getting me ready for school.

The mushy texture has always been my problem with oatmeal. I loved the apple-pie smell of my mom’s breakfasts, and maybe this is why  I keep trying oatmeal, but I could never get past the texture. I thought that if I added less water, that the texture wouldn’t be so bad.

But when it came out of the microwave, I was still skeptical.


However, I was hungry. So I ate it. All of it for once.

The texture was still horrible, and I could barely taste cinnamon, but it was tolerable. I don’t imagine I’ll start replacing my midnight pasta with this, but I tried.


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